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Almond & Coffee Brownies - 30g - 18 per box

Almond & Coffee Brownies - 30g - 18 per box

PriceFrom £1,890.00


Indulge in the decadent taste of Hand Topped Rich Cacao Brownies, made with artisan natural cold pressed ingredients.


These brownies are perfect for small to medium size businesses looking to offer a healthier snack option for their customers. They are also ZERO VAT RATED.


A scrumptious blend of almonds and coffee flavours in a convenient, nutritious bar. Each 30g bar is packed with high-quality, vegan ingredients and cold-pressed to preserve nutrients. With 18 bars in a box, you'll always have a wholesome snack ready to enjoy.


The combination of almond and coffee creates a rich and satisfying flavour profile, making every bite a delicious indulgence. Try NU Almond & Coffee Brownie Bar today for a flavorful snack that's both energizing and satisfying.

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